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Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in collaboration with the Department of Public Health (DPH) convened a panel of independent experts to identify any documented or potential health impacts of risks that may be associated with exposure to wind … Continue reading

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Not All Willows Residents oppose turbine

Salem Willows resident Julie Whitlow explains her support for the proposed Winter Island Turbine in the Salem News (January 16). She notes the importance of getting information from peer-reviewed sources–not any scare-mongering website. As a Willows resident and homeowner, I … Continue reading

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WindWise Strikes Again: Duxbury

Chris Senie, the attorney supporting those opposing the proposed Winter Island wind turbine, has been hired by WindWise Duxbury to create fear and confusion about the impact of a community-scale wind turbine. From the Boston Globe: In Duxbury, wind project’s … Continue reading

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