WindWise Strikes Again: Duxbury

Chris Senie, the attorney supporting those opposing the proposed Winter Island wind turbine, has been hired by WindWise Duxbury to create fear and confusion about the impact of a community-scale wind turbine. From the Boston Globe:

In Duxbury, wind project’s backers cry foul

Duxbury advocates for wind power say their town is being targeted by a well-funded lobby seeking to kill wind energy projects throughout the state.

Local opponents of a potential wind power turbine on North Hill are drawing on backing from the deep pockets of Massachusetts Windwise, which provides prewritten material either not applicable to Duxbury or based on bad science, said Jim Savicki, cochairman of Sustainable Duxbury.

“They have hooked into a group that has all sorts of support,’’ Savicki said, after an extensive presentation critical of the town’s wind energy effort wowed a majority of the Board of Selectmen. “The funding has to be coming from somewhere.’’ Read more.


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