Cape Wind Foe Pays Barnstable legal bills to fight wind farm

Commonwealth Magazine (Feb 21, 2013) features a story on Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound funding the town of Barnstable’s challenges to the wind farm:

The town of Barnstable is battling against Cape Wind in two federal courts in Washington, but the municipality’s legal tab — $394,000 and growing – is not being paid by taxpayers. Instead, the legal fees are being picked up by the nonprofit Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, the wind farm’s chief opponent.

The financial arrangement between the Alliance and the town of Barnstable has become another flash point in the 12-year feud over Cape Wind, the wind farm proposed for Nantucket Sound. Supporters of the wind farm say the Alliance’s funding is an attempt to mislead the courts and another example of private dollars influencing public policy. But Barnstable officials say the arrangement is a smart move, allowing them to pursue a top legal priority of the municipality in a way that doesn’t burden taxpayers. Read more.

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