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Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in collaboration with the Department of Public Health (DPH) convened a panel of independent experts to identify any documented or potential health impacts of risks that may be associated with exposure to wind … Continue reading

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Not All Willows Residents oppose turbine

Salem Willows resident Julie Whitlow explains her support for the proposed Winter Island Turbine in the Salem News (January 16). She notes the importance of getting information from peer-reviewed sources–not any scare-mongering website. As a Willows resident and homeowner, I … Continue reading

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WindWise Strikes Again: Duxbury

Chris Senie, the attorney supporting those opposing the proposed Winter Island wind turbine, has been hired by WindWise Duxbury to create fear and confusion about the impact of a community-scale wind turbine. From the Boston Globe: In Duxbury, wind project’s … Continue reading

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Mass Clean Energy Center Issues New Acoustic Study Methodology

This winter the City of Salem plans to further explore whether placing a wind turbine at Winter Island would cause undue disturbance of neighbors due to the sound of the turbine. Just in time the Mass Clean Energy Center has … Continue reading

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Winter Island Turbine Positive Step

In a recent Salem News letter, William Story suggests we err on the side of caution when it comes to global climate change. We need to make a commitment to the future of the planet, and begin taking steps, large … Continue reading

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Wind Turbine Makes Sense

Jeff Barz-Snell makes a great case for the Winter Island wind turbine in the November 30 Salem News. Salem has a huge opportunity to harness its wind resources safely and beautifully, despite what a small group of neighbors in the … Continue reading

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Ipswich votes for second turbine

In a two to one vote, the Ipswich town meeting voted to allow town selectman to lease land and begin the process for eventually installing a second wind turbine on Town Farm Road. If you haven’t taken a trip up … Continue reading

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Windfall could use a few more wind facts

Yesterday I saw Windfall, a film about the controversy over wind turbines in the upstate New York community of Meredith. Overall, it’s a pretty good film, showing how the big corporations pitted neighbors against neighbors by trying to get land … Continue reading

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MWRA Turbine

Perhaps, if you’ve recently traveled into Boston over the Tobin Bridge, you noticed a new wind turbine spinning near the Everett power plant. That’s a new turbine owned by the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority. Charlestown Patch recenlty included this very cool … Continue reading

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Follow Newbury turbine power generation

Mark Richey wood working in Newburyport gets its power from a wind turbine. He’s got a great website, where you can actually see how much power is being generated. It’s pretty cool; check it out.

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