Why did the City choose Winter Island?

The City conducted a thorough study of all city-owned lands to determine the best site for a wind turbine. Initially nine different sites were considered. After analyzing the best wind locations and considering a range of factors–including proximity to residences, access to the power grid, topography, and other impacts–it was determined that the best location for the project was Winter Island.

In January 2010, a meterological (met) tower was erected at Winter Island, with wind anemometers at various heights to determine to test the wind speeds for one year. The analysis of that wind data convinced the City that indeed a wind turbine sited at Winter Island would be an economically viable project.

In addition to testing wind speeds, the City worked with a consulting firm to study the potential impact on recreational users of the part as well as nearby residences.

The full feasibility study is available on the City’s website.